Coriander Flower

April 26, 2011

The word coriander derives from the Greek word “Koris” meaning stinky bug!
I just read, coriander is from the carrot family!  And I never expected that fact!

I leave the “leftover” pot of the coriander at my kitchen window sill the last few weeks, it started to flower. I thought the small clusters of  white flower are rather beautiful. On one occasion, I accidentally brush my hand at the flowers, and in few second times, I can smell a very strong fragrance on my hand. I was surprised to smell the strong intensity of the fragrance.

Today, I thought maybe it is ok to use the flower to flavour the chicken soup, so I picked just 2 small sprigs of the flower and throw them to the soup. Wow..what the 2 sprigs of flower can do! The kitchen is fill with the fragrance of coriander. The smell still lingers after few hours later!

Don’t waste it next time if you left your home-grown coriander to flower, they are amazingly strong in flavour!