Coffee Walnut Cake

August 18, 2011

When I have my little cafe in future, this will be the “must-have” and signature cake for the cafe. Nothing subtle about the flavour of this cake. It is like a mouthful of expresso and a piece of walnut cake inside you mouth at the same time without the sogginess!  I was a bit concerned after decorated the cake because of amount of butter and sugar used in this cake! 1 1/2 stick of butter and about 500g of sugar!! BUT to my surprise, this is a rather light cake to eat, a bit sweet. The counterbalance of the bitterness of the undiluted coffee liquid, dark chocolate drops and coffee granules seem to even up the sweetness.

The Best cake I have ever made so far!

Ps. Would be great to share this cake with Chris!

PSS: Do click on the pictures to have a detailed look at the texture of the cake decoration..