Masterclass at L’atelier des Chefs

April 22, 2011

First of all, I must thank Alison White from Total Greek Yoghurt again for the invitation to the Masterclass at L’atelier des Chefs. It was a rather fun experience. Though I felt a little out of place for being the very few male food bloggers attending the event! Having said that, I also felt delighted that I can consider myself as an indie food blogger totally free from any commercial obligations.

The event actually makes me think whether being an architect is the destine of my life! I found so much enjoyment being in the kitchen (as usual!), it reminded me those many hours I spent in the wood workshop when I was studying for my Architecture degree. Even though cooking and working on architectural projects have the similar attitude; going though the process from conceptualising to completing the “project”, nothing beats the quicker “completion date” than making food! For less than an hour, you could have enjoyed the labour of your hard work!

We made 3 savoury dishes (mackerel, pork and  samosa)and 3 desserts (tiramisu, pancake and puffed pastry layers) all using Total Greek Yoghurt. I personally liked the 3 savoury dishes, they are easy to make but full of flavour and  the yoghurt make the dishes tasted a lot more lighter and healthier than it original versions.

But for the desserts, I think the substitution of the cream with yoghurt also took away many of the guilty pleasures of eating dessert! The fat, cream and sweetness!

L’atelier des Chefs is a rather interesting place. It seems like a hybrid of a cookery school, restaurant and shop, you can book to cook your own lunch for £15. IT could be a nice day out with friends, rather than waiting to be served, why not just go to the kitchen to prepare the food yourself!?

ps. I know working with food will definitely be an eventuality, but I still believe that being a qualified Architect is the dream that I have to fulfil!

Note: All photos were taken using Iphone under poor lighting condition. But I think I got the best out of  the tool I have!


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