Chow Chow blandness!

November 8, 2010

When I was at the green grocer this morning, I noticed this apple-cross-guava-looking thing at the fruit section, labelled chowchow, 49p each. The owner suggested that it can be eaten similar to apple…slice it…Cool I thought, why not give it a try….

mmm…I was so looking forward to try this nice looking fruit when I get home. Slice it half, mmm, looks like a very crunchy and sweet/ or maybe sour type of fruit…I thought I can eat it like guava, sprinkle it with some finely chopped dried sour plum.  BUT to my surprise, it has not flavour at all. So very strange to eat a fruit (or it is a vegetable ?) that has no fragrance at all. I thought something is not right!

So I read up some information about Chowchow...It is really a bland fruit. It is usually marinated in lemon juice to give it some flavour…

I ended up mixing the fruit with plenty of chopped sour plum and salty Yukari powder! It is just about bearable to eat…On the positive note, it is a good source of amino acids and Vitamin C . At least it is one of my 5-a-day!


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