Poached Pork Belly in Spicy Sauce

October 30, 2010


There is no reason not to eat fresh food at home. Microwaved food is just plain laziness! :-) Just kidding! I understand some people just hate cooking or no time to cook!

This is so simple…all you need to do is to poach the meat in a deep pot (over low heat) until cooked (not hard boil). Remove from heat. Leave the meat in the water until you are ready to serve. To make it a bit special, you can poach the meat in Chinese herbal soup (shop bought herbal soup package).

Meanwhile, finely chop garlic, chillies (red and green) and fresh root ginger. Put all in the bowl, add in 1 zest of lime, 1/2 lime juice, 1 tbsp pepper syrup (or 1/2 tbsp honey), 1-2 tbsp light soy sauce. Stir in finely chop coriander. Mix well and set aside.

Serve the pork warm or slight cold with the sauce…good appetiser to stimulate your taste buds to the main course!


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