Sweet Potato Jelly

August 13, 2010

Recently I bought a Korean recipe book. I always thought Korean food is very similar to Japanese one. But a Korean friend of mine disagreed. According to him, what you will find in Korea do not necessarily found in Japan…food wise! After reading the basic of what makes Korean food distinctive to Japanese, I then realised there are many Mongolian influences in Korean cuisines!

In the recipe book, I came across a sweet potato jelly recipe, which to my surprise quite similar to the experiment I did a while ago! I thought I invented it…!! But the Korean version has a deeper and more refined taste than my experiment!

What I have just  made is a twist from the original Korean recipe.


  1. About 2 cup of sweet potato chunks
  2. 4 tbsp Golden syrup
  3. 2 tbsp white sesame seeds
  4. 2 tbsp powdered gelatine
  5. 2 tbsp tapioca pearls
  6. water enough to cover the sweet potatoes.

In a heavy pan, add the sweet potato chunks and water, bring the water to boil over a high heat. Reduce the heat and simmer the potatoes until soft. Drain the potatoes from the pan, keep the water for later.

In a bowl, mast the potatoes until smooth, add in golden syrup, sesame seeds. Mix well.

Measure 1 cup of the water used for cooking the potatoes (add more water if the left over cooking water is less than a cup). Bring the water to boil and turn to low heat, add the tapioca and powdered gelatine and simmer until the gelatine dissolved and the tapioca turned transparent.

Pour the gelatine to the potato mixture and stir well.

Grease a mould with a little oil (coconut oil preferably to add a distinct fruity scent to the dessert). Pour the mixture to the mould and set aside to set.

Once set, cut the jelly as you like and serve with sesame seeds topping or something interesting! (I topped the jelly with some Yukari!)

A nice and impressive party dessert I reckon!


One Response to “Sweet Potato Jelly”

  1. Monet Says:

    What a lovely and unique recipe…I just adore sweet potatoes. Thank you for visiting my blog (I think the pinkness in the bread was the result of the cinnamon and poor lighting in my apartment) I hope you have a great weekend!

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