Banana Cake

November 2, 2009

Baking is not a really easy thing to do, if one tends to deviate from the actual recipe! Like I always do!

This banana cake is a variation from a Singaporean cookbook, somehow the process of making is a bit different from the Western way of baking, and the resulted texture is more pudding-like than a normal cake. I should consult my sister, she is used to bake cakes Asian way!

I shall try a Western recipe to see the different soon.

banana cake


4 Responses to “Banana Cake”

  1. Michael Says:

    i love banana cake, but prefer it in muffin form

    M x

  2. june wong Says:

    Is the banana cake’s ingredient included butter? I like to bake banana chiffon cake which added only a few spoons of vegetable oil. The texture of the banana chiffon cake is soft and less oily. If butter banana cake, the texture is like butter cake but with banana flavour, a bit oily.

    • kokloongw Says:

      It should be a butter banana cake, but the process of making is a bit different from normal butter cake process. The eggs was beaten separately to thick creamy form and then added to the butter mix. It is kind of similar to chiffon cake, but not exactly..hence the texture if neither chiffon cake or butter cake..So I wasn’t very happy about it! Can you give me your tried and tested recipe here?? I will give it a try!

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